Unleash the Witcher Within

by Neco | Sep 29, 2015 | The Witcher | Release Version:

Every legend has its beginning. One of the most highly anticipated games of the year, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, had its far-from-humble beginnings back in 2007, when CD Projekt RED released the first game of the series. Based on Andrzej Sapkowski‘s engulfing stories, the game plays well and looks quite polished even in 2015.

Find out how the Witcher Geralt returns from the dead in one of the darkest moments in the world’s history. After years of gruesome warfare all sides are exhausted, with their resources and manpower depleted. Brigands plunder the countryside, opportunists seek ways to expand their power and fortune. Geralt and the remaining handful of Witchers are attacked by a dark sorcerer and his marauders, who want to steal away the Witchers’ secrets. Overwhelmed by their numbers and powerful magic the Witchers are forced to forfeit what is rightfully theirs.

A legend is born.

A legend is born.

This is the beginning of an arduous journey, which will take you deep into a dark and scary realm where the boundaries between good and evil, deadly and necessary, violent and diplomatic are really blurred. A world where monsters are set free and where the destiny of an entire race depends on your choices. At first, the decisions at hand might seem a bit schematic, not all that different from the conventions of the RPG genre but soon enough the moral dilemmas would burden your thoughts on a much deeper level than expected.

As the chapters progress the many choice Geralt has to make grow in complexity and reach. Their nature becomes more and more multifaceted and choosing one thing from another at the end becomes a direct – or not so much, depending how much of a role-player you are – expression of one’s values.

Another thing that deviates from the standard is the combat system, which is quite different from the classic RPG mechanics. While Geralt has certain abilities to unleash by pressing the right button in the right time, the main attacks are done with precise mouse control and nothing else. Timing the clicks and selecting the appropriate combat style means that the player is actively involved in the fight at all times. Mistime the click and you will miss a combo, possibly the target altogether. Get slightly distracted and you won’t be able to dodge a heavy strike.

Some people just don't know what who they are messing with.

Some people just don’t know what who they are messing with.

Admittedly, this might seem repetitive and leading to boredom but the fights are actually quite intense and diverse, because new adversaries appear to match your growing skills. Besides, you can modify your combat approach with the numerous potions the Witcher can make. They really influence the gameplay with their powerful effects, but they also take some time and effort to be brewed and distilled.

If you like a good story, the first game of this stunning franchise is definitely worth playing. It is not an old game that is far removed from the excellent gaming experience we can enjoy today. The Witcher is a very deep, well-thought through, and very well executed project, which will sink you deep in to this unique and dark realm.

Sharpen your sword, take a sip from your brew, and show the demons whose world this is.

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