Bend the Elements to Your Will in The Legend of Korra

by Neco | Oct 29, 2015 | The Legend of Korra | Release Version: 1.0

Regardless of whether the word “Airbender” holds any significant meaning in your heart or not, The Legend of Korra would acquire a special spot there without a problem.

Based on the famous cartoon, this is a beat-em up with awesome graphics taken straight from the TV screen. So much so that it is recommended playing it with Xbox controller or equivalent for maximum immersion. Truth be told, controller would help you enjoy the game to the maximum but most combos and counterattacks are weaved with a couple of buttons so keyboard also does the trick.

Technicalities aside, the game itself is a full-blooded action, which starts with the heroine being chased down by a creepy looking dude, who blocks her bending powers. Normally, Korra is able to control all four elements but at first you would have to deal with the threats using fists and kicks. Which is fun enough, given that you can block incoming attacks and respond with devastating counters of your own.

Fists at first, then water comes to aid.

Fists at first, then water comes to aid.

Soon enough Korra’s powers start coming back to her and this is when the real fun begins. Each element has different combos and specific attacks, suitable for specific situations. And by situations I mean suitable to tackle certain types of enemies in glorious fashion. Visually the game is nothing short of brilliant, which is a big plus for a beat-em up action title. Everything flows very naturally, the enemy moves are telling and to the point, allowing you to react and counter punch seamlessly, given that you have the reflexes to do so.

Despite the fact that The Legend of Korra is based on a cartoon the game is not easy at all. Even on normal difficulty most of the fights are quite even affairs, which require good tactics and even better reactions. The combo system is simple yet elegant, providing a great level of immersion and the feeling that you are truly bending the elements to your will, while dancing a deadly ballet with your enemies.

One could argue that the story is not that intertwined with the franchise the game represents, but it is interesting and captivating enough to make you want to play the game through and through. Now, replaying it might be a bit of a stretch but after completing the story mode you can test your airbending skills against a good number of challengers in the arena. This is quite the blast, as the difficulty scales up nicely.

The cutscenes are marvelous, setting the stage for glory or shame beautifully.

The cutscenes are marvelous, setting the stage for glory or shame beautifully.

If you want to see an awesome cartoon, for the cutscenes are exactly this, and actually actively help it happen The Legend of Korra is an excellent choice. If you want to beat some challenging adversaries and test your skills in combat the game is thoroughly enjoyable. PlatinumGames have mixed up the right ingredients and even though there is nothing revolutionary new, in terms of mechanics and overall feeling The Legend of Korra is much more than its building blocks.

It is an intriguing story with captivating gameplay, which will not leave you indifferent.

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