Weave your Tale in a Glorious Endless Legend

Endless Legend was released one month before Civilization: Beyond Earth and easily outshone it. One of the most glorious recent additions to the 4X genre, this game combines absolutely gorgeous graphics with very innovative gameplay. So much so [...] read more

God of the Arena – one RNGeesus to rule them all!

Our Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft series continue with the most challenging mode the game has to offer: the Arena. It is a paid mode with unforgiving rules: 3 defeats and your bid for glory comes to an end. One can muster [...] read more

Are the stars made of gold?

Shaping up relatively slowly, the Starship Corporation is a game of great potential. Even though it is a solo-project still in alpha phase, the game is diverse and multifaceted. If you like strategy games with some serious micromanagement [...] read more