Become the Hegemon of the Ancient World

In a time when the real-time strategy games are all but gone, overshadowed by MoBA and 4X strategies, Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients comes as a mighty reminder why the RTS genre is so awesome and so challenging. [...] read more

Colonize Beyond Earth, Grow and Evolve

Hands down, one of the most anticipated games in 2014, at least for the strategists among you, was Civilization: Beyond Earth. Was it due to the immense hype, was it due to the inevitable comparisons with its glorious predecessor, or [...] read more

Conquer Eador and Rule Endless Worlds!

Eador: Masters of the Broken World is a classic turn-based strategy game with marvelous setting and story. The brutal fate of this fragmented world makes this fantasy game stand out among others of its kind. Otherwise, after a few hours of [...] read more

Are the stars made of gold?

Shaping up relatively slowly, the Starship Corporation is a game of great potential. Even though it is a solo-project still in alpha phase, the game is diverse and multifaceted. If you like strategy games with some serious micromanagement [...] read more