Weave your Tale in a Glorious Endless Legend

Endless Legend was released one month before Civilization: Beyond Earth and easily outshone it. One of the most glorious recent additions to the 4X genre, this game combines absolutely gorgeous graphics with very innovative gameplay. So much so [...] read more

Conquer Eador and Rule Endless Worlds!

Eador: Masters of the Broken World is a classic turn-based strategy game with marvelous setting and story. The brutal fate of this fragmented world makes this fantasy game stand out among others of its kind. Otherwise, after a few hours of [...] read more

5 O’Clock Ampu-Tea?

Get ready for some insane experience while trying to keep calm to make some bloody tea. Controlling a prosthetic-robotic arm is anything but easy in the game of skill Ampu-Tea: A Rage of a Time. It deploys some [...] read more


Eerily beautiful, mysterious and enchanting are the first words which were left spinning in my mind after the first couple of hours spent playing Transistor. Created by the amazing Supergiant Games, Transistor is the second proof that this indie [...] read more

Gentlemen, let’s shovel ’em up theirs!

If you have an old Nintendo joystick lying about, now is the time to find a way to plug it into your computer. Even if it has only like 4 buttons, they would suffice for one immaculate journey with the Shovel Knight, [...] read more

Bring the Desert Thunder

Oil up the gears, adjust the mighty cannon, pounce the enemy from great distance with even greater force. When your thirst for blood and destruction hits its peak roll in to the world of Desert Thunder and assume [...] read more

Build, expand, survive! Retro-Pixel Castles is a rouge-lite city builder.

Building towns and villages has always been something I’ve enjoyed greatly, going back to the original Sim City and the iconic Impressions Games city builders such as Caesar and Pharaoh. Since then I’ve tried pretty much every single [...] read more

Are you the Gods champion, or their curse? You decide!

With Champion of the Gods, the indie studio aptly named Choice of Game invites you into the wonderful and mysterious world of Agossa, a world filled with intrigue and… well, choice! It is a place where your actions [...] read more

Fight or flight through the Secrets of Grindea!

Catchy title and even catchier gameplay will most certainly entertain the fans of RPG action, who dare to explore the Secrets of Grindea. It is a lively adventure with old-school arcade graphics, funny dialogues, and numerous challenges developed [...] read more

Become the next oil tycoon in this interesting twist on the genre.

The year is 1899 and there is oil in the ground! The recipe for success in Turmoil is simple: build oil derricks, pump your oil and sell it for as much as you can. Of course there is [...] read more