Carpe Diem – A Kinetic Novel

With some 10 minutes in hand, you could easily enrich the upcoming moments of your day with the cute little kinetic novel Carpe Diem. Written and animated by Eyzi, Carpe Diem is a fun experiment, which would not [...] read more

SolForge, Gather Your Digital Magic

A trading card game born and bred for the digital world, SolForge bears quite a few similarities with the mother-of-all-collectible-card-games Magic: The Gathering, but it shines with its own uniqueness and gameplay. Given the heritage of SolForge, envisioned [...] read more

Arena for True Duelysts

Many board games feature various card-mechanics and virtually all card games are played on some sort of a board. It may be a bench in the park or a table in the tavern but all cards need a [...] read more

Hunt for Cards in Spooky, Scary Places

Card Hunter is inspired by the best – Dungeons and Dragons – and carries the torch of this great legacy into the gloomiest, most hazardous corners of the realm, spreading light and exacting rightful punishment upon the many [...] read more

Dungeon Defenders II Already Hits Home

Dungeon Defender II is so immersive and rich in features that it is hard to believe the game is still in early access stage of development. With plenty of content to be added and many new mechanics tested, [...] read more

Alone in the Woods, Can You Find the Lost Constellation?

A dark story unfolds in front of Adina the Astronomer, who ventures deep in the woods to find one Lost Constellation in the Long Night. Headed East, where danger lurks and trees creep around, he needs to secure [...] read more

Do not Put the Fox on Fire, Save the Origami

O-Inari Origami is a very sweet little indie game with many, many virtues. It is a highly original puzzle, which will challenge your spatial orientation and creative thinking. Taking the small paper fox to its target can be done with a [...] read more