Gentlemen, let’s shovel ’em up theirs!

by Neco | Aug 22, 2015 | Shovel Knight | Release Version: 1.2.3B

If you have an old Nintendo joystick lying about, now is the time to find a way to plug it into your computer. Even if it has only like 4 buttons, they would suffice for one immaculate journey with the Shovel Knight, if you are up for the task!

This is game developed largely thanks to the support it received through its successful crowd-funding campaign. Largely, because it allowed the developers Yacht Club Games to work with the certainty that their magnificent game is a project many believe in and would want to savor.

A project with a deserving crowd of gamers willing to spend hours playing a game with captivating gameplay, enchanting graphics and amusingly good sound. Who could blame them?

If you are not the kind of gamer who likes to jump around frenetically, shoveling various creeps, dodging others, searching for hidden treasure and trying to uncover the fate of your old friend, so be it.

Don’t buy it and pass on one of the best indie games in a long time.

If you play it though, beware. It engages fully mind, fingers, and heart, and from there takes the player on an epic journey with witty humor, a lot of tension, gripping drama, and PHAT loot. And if you think even for a moment that such handsome rewards come easily, you would be dead. Wrong as well, but mostly dead, for many challenges have ridden the path that lies ahead. Treacherous passages, deadly caves, adversaries lurking in the shadows, adversaries whose lurking you interrupt and even worse, adversaries waiting your approach.

Shovel Knight Boss 1

You shall not pass. Shall you?

Such kind of games are simply no longer made. If you are young enough to read this, you might have never even played such kind of games because the industry as a whole has shifted toward new technology. Smooth graphics and fast 3D worlds were more suitable for certain types of gameplay and not for others, so whole kinds of games are simply no more.

Only the courage of and unyielding spirit of a small knight carries their flame on!

Shovel Knight travels through danger swinging his shovel with precision and dedication only many summers of maintaining a garden could possibly bring. His tactical prowess is sharpened thanks to the casual Go games he plays in his mind with his long lost friend, moving the white stones with measured swings of his spotless shovel.

Shovel Knight Them Wenches

Wenches and mead…

Yet his story is told with even greater mastery. Perfectly tuned gameplay, sound, and dialogues intertwine seamlessly into a journey that surpasses the imagination and amuses on a handful of occasions. Each room in this platformer is a mini 2D map with endless variations and has to be navigate with care and agility, speed and accuracy.

One has to become one with shovel to unlock its true potential and uncover all the secrets of the mysterious Order of No Quarter. Their vicious leader is hungry for more power and corrupts the lands around his eternal citadel. A tower where your only friend once vanished without a trace is now open, emitting waves of dark influence.

Put your good armor on, warm up for battle both body and mind, sharpen your reflexes and tactical orientation, and follow the code of Shovelry.

To the last breath and beyond!

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