Seven Bullets for one’s valentine

by Neco | Sep 3, 2015 | Seven Bullets

Seven Bullets is a captivating text-based game developed by Cloud Buchholz, which will put you through a great criminal story. Intrigue and betrayal, shady dealings and constant danger, brutal enemies and shifting allegiances weave the fabric of this action packed adventure. You will be able to experience firsthand what it means to be the lead character of an action movie, despite the fact that there is not a single picture.

Fast-paced and well-written, this browser-based adventure takes the player on a real roller-coaster ride of action, risky decisions, moral choices, strategic comprehension of the situation, and unexpected twists. Do you have the clear mind and the guts to make the right calls? Can you face merciless adversaries or the imminent danger would make you wobble in the worst possible moment?

Choices, choices, choices.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I was truly amazed how well thought-trough are the chapters of this text-based game. Especially when considering how big it is and the vast amount of choices it has to offer. Indeed, a fast reader could go through it within an hour or two, but the game has more than 80 routes to the finale. It is definitely cut out for repetitive plays, which are actually anything but repetitive. From the very beginning the choices the player makes shape the progression of the plot, allowing you to try out different approaches and strategies.

Are you going to be sneaky and stealthy or sly and crafty? Or maybe you prefer to personify one of the Four Horsemen, seeking and destroying targets until you kill ’em all? Justice for all shall be had, but will it be delivered by a skillful master of puppets or will death creep upon the Boss and his goons, wherever they may roam?

There is a simple mechanic, which really conveys an RPG-esque feeling in Seven Bullets; I was stunned by its masterful and seamless implementation. Many of the actions, which are direct result from your choices, are colored in purple. Depending on their nature, certain aspects of your character are developed, while others are hindered. When becoming more sly you generally miss the chance to apply brute force; hence one of them increases, while the other doesn’t or even drops in strength.

Improvement in certain areas often is at the expense of others.

Improvement in certain areas often is at the expense of others.

Choosing brute force over a more stealthy approach really brings out different aspects of the game. Making such a choice in key moments shapes the entire story in a completely new way. Not only because the plot takes a brand new turn but also because the character acquires certain skills, which are to be used again later on.

Seven Bullets is a superb read, and a really good and consistently entertaining game. It is browser-based and free, available on virtually any device, and it would leave you breathless rather quickly. Keep your mind sharp and your fists ready. Do not take your eyes off the target, yet be flexible and inventive with your decisions. Be the assassin whose creed is unbent and unbreakable.

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