Fight or flight through the Secrets of Grindea!

by Neco | Aug 6, 2015 | Secrets of Grindea | Early Access Version: 0.600amigo

Note: This article is over 12 months old, covering a game that was in development and the game may or may not have changed since this article was published.

Catchy title and even catchier gameplay will most certainly entertain the fans of RPG action, who dare to explore the Secrets of Grindea. It is a lively adventure with old-school arcade graphics, funny dialogues, and numerous challenges developed by three guys from Sweden who call themselves Pixel Ferrets. So far this is the only game designed by them but given how polished and diverse it is any new project they might undertake would be followed with great interest.

But let’s cycle back to the game at hand. Secrets of Grindea, with its classic arcade animation, has the full range of features any respectable RPG boasts. There is character customization, itemization, crafting, pets, development of the hero in various aspects of spell casting and combat. As the game progresses one learns more and more skills, which unlock numerous crazy combos to be unleashed upon the enemy.

The making of a collector or a slightly more reddish slime?

The making of a collector or a slightly more reddish slime?

Needless to say, the enemies are countless. And while aggressive bunnies and sleazy slimes might not be the greatest challenge at first, there are plenty of boss fights, which require real skill and strategy. They deploy different attacks and move in peculiar ways, trying to get within reach to strike you down. Without the right approach, quick fingers, and proper rotation of skills your character doesn’t stand a chance.

Don’t let the cute graphics fool you – Grindea is a merciless place, which doesn’t yield XP and loot to those suffering of severe causualitis.

And while in the story mode the difficulty scales at reasonable pace in the arcade mode one can jump into the deep right away. Doing this is not recommended unless one has certain masochistic traits because a new character simply lacks the tools to deal with all adversaries in the arcade.

Still, if you feel really adventurous and do not want to go through the story of the game – which is pretty epic and is told in a really, really entertaining way – you can gather your friends and venture in the arcade mode. Secrets of Grindea supports up to 4 co-op player campaigns and playing together unlocks a brave new world of strategies and tactics, stunning combos and nail biting encounters.

Then again, your friends might deserve a good beating up and the arena provides the perfect opportunity to teach them a lesson or two.

Venture the arcade with friends or alone!

Venture the arcade with friends or alone!

Secrets of Grindea is a really well made RPG with great many features and modes of play. However, do not make the mistake to miss the story mode and jump to co-op or arcade challenges. The storyline is epic, entertaining and quite unpredictable. There are many dungeons to explore, many villains to slay – or convert to the greater good – a lot of loot to be had.

Overall, it is a very complete experience without any major flaws to speak of. You can download and try the demo out. Even better, go for early access by preordering the game right away and helping Pixel Ferrets along with the development.

From what I saw so far I can barely wait, because I need closure badly. Story just too good!

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