The True Master Only a Finger Needs

by Neco | Oct 27, 2015 | One Finger Death Punch | Release Version: 1.1

How much fun can two buttons deliver? How many enemies can be felled in a minute? Who will clean up the bloody mess?

Find out the answers to these and other existential questions in the insanely fun fighting game One Finger Death Punch. If you have seen other stick animation games before you might have a rough idea what await you there but most probably the reality of the game would surpass your wildest expectations.

One Finger Death Punch has incessant pace and demands quick reactions. With only the mouse buttons at your disposal, you must make every single click count. The character of the game cannot move on his own volition but only through violence and powerful combos, which would make the incoming enemies fly, crumble, disintegrate, lose vital body parts, bleed out of unexpected places, and much more.



Yes, the game is quite violent but the stick animation style is perfectly suitable for it without becoming offensive or disturbing in any way. In fact, Silver Dollar Games have made an outstanding effort in making One Finger Death Punch an absolute blast in term of entertainment. Only by watching the game one can feel invigorated.

It is not only fun, though, because the more skill and precision you show in the art of merciless annihilation the harder things become. According to the performance at the end of each level the speed of the adversaries could grow. Reaching speed of over 120% is not an easy task because the margin for error diminishes as rapidly as he enemies move. In order to avoid mindless button mash the game punishes mostly any mistimed click by either dealing damage to the main character and by reducing significantly the bonus at the end of the level.

...yet beautiful.

…yet beautiful.

Timing the attacks well allows the creation of mighty combos, which bring along stunning display of brutally elegant attacks and beautiful finishers. Speed and precision are imperative all throughout the game but even more so on boss fights. There are entire levels dedicated only to boss encounters but even the regular mob levels would challenge you with he occasional fighter that can stand his ground for a while.

These stronger mobs can be killed instantly should you get a hold of a weapon or another damaging device. They appear regularly and allow you to finish off the enemies with frightening efficiency.

With One Finger Death Punch Silver Dollar Games have created a stick animation masterpiece and I can only hope that they come along with a new title any time soon.

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