Do not Put the Fox on Fire, Save the Origami

by Neco | Sep 19, 2015 | O-Inari Origami | Release Version: 1.0.1

O-Inari Origami is a very sweet little indie game with many, many virtues.

It is a highly original puzzle, which will challenge your spatial orientation and creative thinking. Taking the small paper fox to its target can be done with a certain number of folds but here is the best part: the thing you would be folding is the game screen itself. It can be folded from practically every corner and the level changes, revealing new passages and new possibilities on the back side of the paper-screen. Everything has to be done in certain order and with great, eerie precision.

But let’s take things to the next level. The moment you feel you are adept enough in negotiating the levels without exceeding the prescribed number of folds you can step it up and start designing your own challenges. O-Inari Origami has a very comprehensive level generator, which would allow you to test your own creativity further by creating new levels and making the most convoluted puzzle imaginable.

It is easy to find yourself fully submerged because O-Inari Origami has a truly unique set up, which combines the strong puzzle element with the feel of a platformer and even action in a way never seen before.

Pretty, yet tough, O-Inary Origami will make your brain twist and shout. With delight.

Pretty, yet tough, O-Inary Origami will make your brain twist and shout. With delight.

Victory Garden have done an outstanding conceptual job. O-Inari Origami is designed with stunning artistic mastery, which creates the proper atmosphere and beyond – it is a pleasure to watch the drawings. Simple and clear as it is, this game will make you feel you have found a piece of Japan in the most unexpected of places. One can only marvel the detail and insight put into this indie game, which was developed by a small team of dedicated people, who do not even want money for it. O-Inari Origami is free, on top of everything else.

Everything else being the above and also the fact that it is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and that anyone can contribute with his or her puzzle. If you want to experience a very interesting gameplay and some serious challenge, O-Inari Origami would definitely deliver.

Fold it and hold it.

Fold it and hold it.

For closing I would like to point out that games like O-Inari Origami were one of the main incentives for Jay and myself to start developing OOG. Such indie marvels go very much unnoticed and their creators seldom receive the deserved praise and support for their amazing effort.

Mostly all independent game creators have absolutely no budget (nor time) to help promoting their vision and a vast number of games are left unfinished or reach a few lucky gamers. Sometimes one game is developed by a single developer or a handful in the majority of cases. Hopefully, our site will grow to become the platform we want it to be: a place where each game would see the light of day, to be enjoyed and judged by a multitude of players.

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