Alone in the Woods, Can You Find the Lost Constellation?

by Neco | Sep 21, 2015 | Lost Constellation | Release Version: 1.0

A dark story unfolds in front of Adina the Astronomer, who ventures deep in the woods to find one Lost Constellation in the Long Night. Headed East, where danger lurks and trees creep around, he needs to secure the favor of the forest god or else his spirit might be crushed and left behind, lingering in the snow forever.

Almost alone, the alligator-astronomer can find some help from the wandering ghosts of those buried by the snow, but only if he can help them leave the forest to do whatever dead people do. As he marches on through the ever-shifting paths he finds more and more about the mysterious fortunes of the enchanted forest.

Lost Constellation is a very beautiful adventure game, with fantastic narrative and amazingly spooky, yet captivating characters, all developed by Alec Holowka. It builds up the world of the upcoming Night in the Woods, revealing a glimpse of this gloomy and eerily pretty place.

Spooky, scary snoooowmen...

Spooky, scary snoooowmen…

Granted, it can be played through in less than an hour but that’s perfectly fine for a free game. Actually, the story is so well-told that it lingers in memory for quite some time after the finale. All the characters are very peculiar and unique, which makes for a great narrative. What is more, the setting of the game matches their nature perfectly. Walking in the Long Night among ever-growing trees and meeting ghosts and servants of the forest god is an experience like none other, where humor and darkness mix together.

It is strange to see a supplemental title like Lost Constellation to be faring so well as a standalone game. Oddly satisfying and a very good feeling, this fact increases the certainty that the main game would deliver and match expectations. Something quite important for a title, which enjoys support through Kickstarter where, despite numerous resounding success stories, we have witnessed not one and two disastrous flops.

Give Lost Constellation a spin and find out how bloody bedtime stories a little kitty likes to hear right before sleep. You will see unimaginable things and witness witty dialogues, which will make you shiver and will make you laugh. Maybe for one last time…

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