Take Grimm on a Letter Quest

by Neco | Oct 5, 2015 | Letter Quest | Release Version: 2.4.3

A fun and casual game, Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey is a good way to improve your typing skills and to stretch your mind trying to construct the most damaging words. Cute as the game is, this damage is not done through swearing and cursing but by making long words with rare letters instead.

What makes Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey become more than your daily word puzzle is its setting. The game has a proper storyline (albeit a simple one), various monsters with different skills, numerous modes in which to play each level, and a well developed RPG element. Grimm can benefit from numerous upgrades on his gear and abilities.

Dust bunnies are angry at their parents.

Dust bunnies are angry at their parents.

Not only his scythe can become a very deadly piece of art; he can gain various bonuses and passive skills by investing wisely the treasures collected along his arduous journey. Unlocking tomes of knowledge and equipping the right potions often makes the difference. With each level the enemies become more powerful. Their special skills have to be matched by abilities of the same caliber for Grimm to stand a chance.

At some point the linear progression becomes nigh impossible and one has to return to previous levels and play through the special modes. Defeating a certain amount of monsters in under 1 minute or spelling words using special characters is the fastest way to secure better income, hence better gear, hence the chance to progress further.

Selecting the right upgrades is important and opting for certain builds, just like in a real RPG, is advisable.

The journey is long and perilous.

The journey is long and perilous.

Bacon Bandit Games have managed to create an interesting world full of many funny yet scary monsters. The way the game is drawn resembles certain Cartoon Network shows from the 90’s and the atmosphere is well-shown throughout the entire game.

Despite the fact that the main mechanic for achieving anything in the game is kind of repetitive, the way the levels are designed and the increasing toughness of the monsters manage to keep the interest alive for quite some time. It is very easy for such type of game to become tedious in under 10 minutes but Letter Quest manages to keep you motivated for much longer.

It is a good game, which stimulates thinking and creativity, and can keep amused both youngsters and their parents for quite some time without much effort.

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