Stop the Incoming Forces with pure rage!

by Neco | Aug 26, 2015 | Incoming Forces | Release Version: 1.0

Regardless of its age, a good game is always easily recognizable.

Incoming Forces by the no-longer-existent Rage Software was released more than 10 years ago but still offers a pretty solid experience.

Indeed, the graphics might strike as a bit crude compared to modern titles, but the gameplay is diverse, challenging, and unpredictable. At first, the premise of the game might look a bit generic and lacking in originality. However, the story is well told and the atmosphere is set nicely through well-scripted cinematics. One feels the grim determination of the defenders and the imminent danger of the brutal invader.

The enemy comes prepared.

The enemy comes prepared.

Don yourself as a greenskin warrior, who is trained to defend his home planet from the invading human forces. Driven by fear and the desire for more power and intergalactic control, the humans reach your part of the galaxy in strength, trying to overcome any resistance. They come to conquer and subdue, not to make allies; despite the best efforts of your diplomats the humans are here to invade and eradicate everything without mercy.

Deploying flying drones and battle tanks, their transport ships have brought a wide variety of tactical options against quite a few stationary targets, which your race has to defend in its struggle for survival.

A quick but thorough training will prepare you to pilot aircraft, to command tanks, and to shoot with turrets. Each unit under your control feels and moves differently, utilizes different aiming mechanisms, and serves a specific purpose on the battlefield. It is a pretty diverse training because you have to become adept in all aspects of combat to stand a chance against the enemy. Bringing down their aerial units and quickly outmaneuvering their assault vehicles is essential to provide protection to the all-important structures of your race. Should they fall all hope of recovery and actually winning this war would be lost.

In the vast majority of cases the Incoming Forces outnumber your squads. It is a tough campaign, befitting the hard fate of your people. Their units are not your average storm troopers and can actually shoot pretty accurately. Skillful navigation, taking advantage of the terrain, and accuracy with the guns at your disposal would take you a long way, but that’s not all.

Protect what is yours to stand a chance to win.

Protect what is yours to stand a chance to win.

To save your race and to secure enough resources to build sufficient forces to stop the humans you need to heal and repair as well. However good you might be, the Incoming Forces are bound to deal some serious damage to your structures and people. Flying medical ships protected by a wing of fighters at your command is equally important for the ultimate victory against the invader. Tactical deployments and proper usage of your repair points would help you stay alive long enough to see your race emerging victorious and stronger than ever before.

A game with sufficient diversity, dynamic gameplay, a number of choices and laconically grim story, Incoming Forces keeps the attention easily and feels like a real challenge on numerous levels.

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