Let’s Brawl in the Tavern

by Neco | Sep 13, 2015 | Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft | Release Version: Patch

Tavern Brawl is the latest mode introduced to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Blizzard Entertainment are known for their policy to stimulate the casual players and this mode definitely benefits those who do not want to invest much time or money in this trading-card game.

An interesting combination between Arena and Constructed, the Tavern Brawl is free to play, but it is not accessible all the time. Mondays and Tuesdays the tavern is closed, with the new Brawl starting every Wednesday.

What makes this mode truly unique is the fact that there isn’t a defined set of rules. Each week the conditions change to set the stage for quite an enjoyable and often surprisingly tough gameplay. Sometimes the decks are premade for the players, at others they they can be constructed from whatever is available in the player’s collection. In the latter case though a modification in the standard game rules is always present, which takes the deck building straight out of the box. Discovering the right combos quickly sharpens the one’s eye for strategy and card synergy.

Deathrattles v silence?

Deathrattles against silence?

This week’s modification is that all deathrattles trigger twice, making for some quite interesting decks and deafening deployment of silence all around. Personally the most enjoyable for me so far was a Brawl in which every spell summons a creature with the same mana cost. Then the decks were built by the players, giving some strategic control over the game but the summoned creature was entirely at RNGeehesus’s mercy. The end result was a very amusing mix of luck and strategy.

Some of the Tavern Brawls are repeated every now and again but I really hope that those with premade decks would be fewer and far between. After all, constructing your own deck is a very big part of the fun Hearthstone has to offer. Besides, some premade decks (like the ones made entirely of summoning portals) so far have been heavily influenced by sheer luck, making it impossible to devise any meaningful approach to the game.

Constructing your own deck in the Tavern is always more enjoyable.

Constructing your own deck in the Tavern is always more enjoyable.

Generally speaking, Tavern Brawl is a very relaxed way to enjoy Hearthstone, without the pressure of the Arena or Ranked play. It awards a deck for the first victory every week and many daily quests can be completed in it.

Probably the greatest asset of this mode is that it presents entirely new perspective to the game every week. It makes you come up with new strategies and unorthodox plays, which wickedly fit the modified rules. There is a very strong sense of being creative and at the end of the day one gains better understanding of the game as a whole. Certainly not a thing the most hardcore player would enjoy regularly, Tavern Brawl is a nice respite from the really competitive modes and often is quite fun for several games.

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