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by Neco | Aug 24, 2015 | Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft | Release Version: Patch

Constructed play is the most popular mode of play in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It is the default mode, so to speak, because one can start with it right off the bat. Unlike the Arena games for which one needs to actually pay a fee, Constructed is entirely free to play. Sort of. At the end of the day, to be successful in Constructed one needs sufficiently good cards, which do not come for free.


As discussed, Hearthstone has 9 different classes to choose from: rogue, warrior, mage, warlock, hunter, druid, shaman, paladin, and priest. At first, only the mage archetype is unlocked but winning games against the other classes makes them available to play with. Each class has a unique hero power and specific cards, both spells and minions, which determine the general style of play: whether more control oriented, trying to secure the board, or more aggressive, going for the opponent’s face more often.

After the player decides which class s/he wants to play with it is time to prepare the deck. One can put up to 30 cards in the deck, 2 copies of each type but the Legendary cards. Due to their overall might and uniqueness, only one copy per deck is allowed.

Given enough resources one can craft the desired cards.

Given enough resources one can craft the desired cards.

After the appropriate mix of spell and minion cards is created one can start playing ranked games against other opponents online, be that on computer or mobile device.

Ranking System

Currently, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has 25 Ranks. Starting from 25, each victory brings you closer to Rank 1. Win enough victories at Rank 1 and you would become one of the Legendary players for the respective season. Of course, the higher you climb the tougher the opposition is bound to be.

Each season lasts a month and at the end of it the best players are announced and their efforts rewarded accordingly.

One of the most important prerequisites to become a successful player in Constructed mode, besides having good cards and playing them well, is to understand the current meta.

The meta game

Blizzard Entertainment change their game rather regularly. Existing cards are buffed or nerfed and new cards are released a few times per year. This shifts the balance of the game make certain types of decks stronger and more playable while others remain in the periphery.

Every now and again a certain type of deck would become popular because it proves to be both cheap (for crafting) and very reliable, statistically speaking. Such decks currently are aggressive hunter decks and the insanely strong Patron warrior decks.

Everyone, get in... ResidentSleeper

Everyone, get in… ResidentSleeper.

Among those, Zoo has been around the longest thanks to its relatively cheap cost, easy gameplay, and overall strength but this might change with the new expansion The Grand Tournament.

Understanding which decks are played the most and why they are so strong is very important for climbing the ranks in Hearthstone. Knowing what the majority of opponents are playing would allow you to prepare your deck to counter them. Understanding their cards and what they might potentially hold would allow you to chose the right play in tough situations with no obvious answer. It would give you the edge and would enable much more strategic approach toward the opposition.

One of the best ways to understand the current meta is by watching streamers on platforms like Twitch, who often comment on it. Of course, playing yourself is even better because it would allow you to test your deck really extensively and tune it accordingly.

Unless you play against aggro-hunter, where nearly all strategies are void of meaning.

Then again, if your deck cannot handle such “skillful” players you could just concede and move on the next match instead of wasting time.

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