Round the Merry Adventurers for the Glory of the Guild

by Neco | Oct 3, 2015 | Guild of Dungeoneering | Release Version: 1.04

You know how the premise in practically all classic role-playing games, be that pen’n’paper or e-based, is to create a unique and unforgettable character? How you have to choose stats, looks, background story, and then eventually play it out? How you have to follow through with choices that befit the moral inclination of the chosen character, often going against some of the mighty lords who give you quests?

They are all missing the point, aren’t they? Because at the end of the day there are many adventurers just like you, who are yet to take an arrow in the knee and who will get the same loot and armor, and sword, and shield.

Have you ever thought of becoming the one who bestows quests instead? The one with real power and cunning personality? The one shrewd enough to understand that it is much better to send others to fight mummies and navigate the Minotaur’s labyrinth in one’s stead.

Be wise, send chumps to fight for your prosperity and glory.

Be wise, send chumps to fight for your prosperity and glory.

Establish your own Guild of Dungeoneering and send the hapless chumps to their premature demi… I mean, great riches and glory. Design their path, choose the right volunteer, and let the games of fun exploration and safe treasure hunting begin! Seriously, nothing can go wrong. Well, not for you at least, sitting safely behind the walls of the guild.

Walls that only grow thicker because every now and again some of the chumps would come back with hefty loot and enough money to expand the Guild of Dungeoneering. What you build and how you do it is entirely up to you, of course. Them chumps cannot be trusted with such decisions. Shiny things distract them too much. Better leave them simple choices – turn left or right in the dungeon and let it rest at that.

Actually, you might even decide removing even such frivolities from their lives. Not that some of them won’t handle a simple conundrum – not everyone is as thick as the barbarian or silly as the burglar. Yes, the alchemist probably has a grain or two of brain, and the apprentice doesn’t look too dumb either… But then again, giving them choices might undermine the absolute power you possess. Nobody wants that.

Monster's everywhere, the Dungeoneer's pink dream.

Monster’s everywhere, the Dungeoneer’s dream.

Released earlier this summer, the Guild of Dungeoneering is a very fun strategy game. Gambrinous Games have mixed a dungeon crawler with deck building mechanism, RPG elements, and the possibility to create your own dungeons. It is a very unorthodox approach, which gives you the opportunity to design the path of the adventurer, to make it hard as hell or relatively easy. Of course, with greater adversaries come greater rewards but often the only thing that comes out from the dungeon would be the coffin of your explorer. Well, coffin is a strong word there…

Besides the pretty unique gameplay, Guild of Dungeoneering boasts very nice graphics, possibly the best opening song, and hilarious comments by the narrator, who loves his rhyme, and enjoys the good (s)laughter. Just like any true Dungeoneer!

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