Weave your Tale in a Glorious Endless Legend

by Neco | Sep 17, 2015 | Endless Legend | Release Version: 1.2.2

Endless Legend was released one month before Civilization: Beyond Earth and easily outshone it. One of the most glorious recent additions to the 4X genre, this game combines absolutely gorgeous graphics with very innovative gameplay.

So much so that the learning curve might come as a bit steep, especially for people new to the genre but fear not. Going through the tutorial helps a lot and certainly after a few hours one would know mostly everything needed to unfold a truly endless legend. At least with the chosen race because each one of them has its own specifics in terms of special abilities, upgrades, quests, and overall gameplay. For instance, some cannot declare war whereas others are bloodthirsty warmongers, who forgo any sort of diplomacy and negotiations.

I will not spoil it more for you because the background story of every race is unique and sets the game aptly. And if despite all odds you like none of the 8 playable races Endless Legend would give you the tools to create your own peoples.

How much of a god complex do you have exactly?

The world is vast...

The world is vast…

Speaking of gods, the battles in this game are much more realistic than in many other titles. For starters, they are fought on the world map and not a separate battle map and they happen over limited time. What adds an extra level of realism is the fact that virtually any given order can be interrupted by the enemy. A unit marching to a certain tile could be intercepted by the lurking adversary, for the positions of the enemy units are merely approximations and not certain knowledge.

Much like in a real battlefield where each side knows the location of the other but not quite. Big part of the art of war is to foresee what the enemy would do and to devise a cunning plan based on their anticipated moves. Naturally, the terrain plays important role in every battle. Gaining an advantageous position can do wonders for inferior forces but the opposite is also true.

Enough about warfare, though. (Because I am a warmongering barbarian or anything. Not in the slightest. Nope.) There are plenty of victory conditions in Endless Legend. Amplitude Studios have created a vast world and wonderfully diverse races, which have different goals and different means to reach them. Everything is fleshed out very smoothly, yet fluidly.

...and full of promises.

…and full of promises.

One of the things heavily advertised in Civilization: BE was the revolutionized technology tree, which had become more of a tech web. In Endless Legend we observe something similar but there are numerous small webs, one for each age. 9 technologies must be unlocked from a certain age before advancing to the next. However, the order in which new upgrades are researched is entirely up to the player.

Full of quests and conflicts, diplomacy and political influence, Endless Legend is open to a wide array of play-styles and calls for many replays. It is a highly customizable experience because the player has the power to modify not only races, cities and provinces, but also each and every unit. Equip them the way you want, make them stronger and aggressive or more solid and stout – whichever suits you best. And whichever your economy can sustain.

Of course, the heroes at your disposal also can be modified in numerous ways and, much like the generals in the Total War series, they can excel as governors, not necessarily military leaders. Boost them with certain abilities, give them good items, and make them rulers or conquerors.

Their legend is yours to tell.

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