Conquer Eador and Rule Endless Worlds!

by Neco | Sep 15, 2015 | Eador: Masters of the Broken World | Release Version: 1.6.3

Eador: Masters of the Broken World is a classic turn-based strategy game with marvelous setting and story. The brutal fate of this fragmented world makes this fantasy game stand out among others of its kind. Otherwise, after a few hours of gameplay I didn’t encounter anything genuinely new in terms of mechanics. Still, the game is engulfing enough and the offered mix of features, albeit seen before individually, ensures a rather enjoyable experience.

Eador is a fantastic example of a game, which might lack a certain degree of innovation but makes up for it by having most of its components developed well. Snowbird Games have taken their time and have done a good job. The world, broken as it is, is large, diverse and full of surprises. There are plenty of creatures to fight and numerous locations to explore on each province of every shard. Shard which floats in the endless space ruled by its own master, who, more often than not, has developed certain peculiar tastes.

Often the gods themselves would come to crush the enemies and shape the fortunes of the world in a really direct manner. In fact, the blood of the gods runs through the veins of the main character. What he or she will be like is up to the player. There are quite a few role-playing elements incorporated in Eador: Masters of the Broken World and they make the game even more entertaining and unpredictable.

Each class makes the gameplay quite unique.

Each class calls for different strategy and development.

Not only the player can select the class of his champion, but the very fate of the world depends on the his actions. Good, bad or neutral, they have repercussions down the road and can determine the outcome of many hairy situations.

In terms of strategy, there are plenty of things to be built and quite a few decisions to be made for the most optimal usage of resources. Developing the stronghold is a rewarding process but a tricky one. Most of the provinces have specific requirements, which have impact on the development.

Once the stronghold can supply enough troops the hero must focus on conquering the shard he is on. Each province has inhabitants, who do not take orders lightly and prefer to use sharp objects while arguing. At first glance, with its hexagonal zones the tactical map brings along countless memories from the glorious days of Heroes of Might and Magic but Snowbird Studios have enhanced the experience, taking it a step further.

Building the stronghold is a lengthy but rewarding process.

Building the stronghold is a lengthy but rewarding process.

Besides the all-important attack, defense, and hit points each unit has stats like stamina and morale, which can turn the tide of battle if they run low. Also the terrain itself is worth considering while moving the troops, because it has various types with specific bonuses or penalties.

Understanding the strength of your army and negotiating the terrain well is crucial for the long-term success. The world of Eador rewards the master tacticians because every unit can be upgraded and buffed in various ways, scaling up nicely toward the late game. Letting troops to die is both costly and inefficient way to lead your campaign.

Eador: Masters of the Broken World is a very pleasant turn-based strategy, which can suck you deep into the genre: it is rich in features, has a good design, and captures the imagination with the same ease and power Philip Jose Farmer’s World of Tiers manage to.

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