Don’t Starve, With or Without Me

by Neco | Sep 27, 2015 | Don't Starve Together | Early Access Version: 148470

Note: This article is over 12 months old, covering a game that was in development and the game may or may not have changed since this article was published.

You know how the majority of survival games are set in a post-apocalyptic world where only zombies or other mutants roam, trying to eradicate whatever is left from the humanity? Well, Don’t Starve Together manages to break away from these cliches with remarkable ease. It is a survival game, alright, it has plenty of dark moments and spooky-scary monsters but not that many zombies. In fact, the world has been truly shaken and the survivors are very few and far between.

Klei Entertainment are building on really nicely on the first title of the series, making it a fulfilling cooperative online experience. Supposedly cooperative that is, because there could always be some bloodthirsty moron on the server, who would try to steal your hard-earned resources.

Still, the chances for this to happen are relatively slim given that only 6 players can inhabit the world and that they can be selected. The host of the server can choose how open the world is for unknown people.

Fight monsters or be one, your call.

Fight monsters or be one, your call.

Of course, Don’t Starve Together can be played solo but one could uncover the full potential of the game only with the respective support. Despite its cartoon-style graphics – which are simply superb – the world of the game is truly merciless. If you are low on resources the winter will come and that would be the end. Securing the necessary means to survive alone is an arduous task because the world is quite big.

There are worm-holes to speed up the travel but the resources are located in distant corners of the map and one cannot really gather much after nightfall. That’s why it is really handy to have a couple of teammates to share the burden with. Naturally, procuring enough food is of utmost significance but so is the building of a proper base.

It is really important for each member of the team to know his or her role and to perform it well. Roam a part of the world that you are really familiar with to increase speed and reduce the risk, for there are plenty of creatures who see you as a tasty intruder. Procuring the necessary resources in the right amount would come to little use though if you do not know how to build the base.

Knowing which structures come first and how close to the fire pit to locate them is crucial. Do you want to have access to the crock-pots or to be able to harvest farms ? Would you prefer to spend the night creating stuff or simply preparing the new crops? The answers to these questions play important role in the general layout of the camp and the prolonged survival. For the latter, the original sound of the game helps quite a bit.

Finding beefalos early on can really boost your chances.

Finding beefalos early on can really boost your chances.

With each winter things become tougher and tougher so having skillful hunters and proper defenses against the hell hounds that howl in the long night only helps. Ideally, being able to build your camp near the resurrection altar would boost your chances even more but this rarely is a practical solution. Usually, living nearby the mighty beefalos is the best strategic choice because they provide protection, fertilizer, wool, and food. The pigs could also help in this regard but the horny beasts are the real deal. Just don’t build too close to them because once their mating season begins any intruder is dispatched swiftly.

If you are looking for an unusual and tough challenge, Don’t Starve Together definitely is a great choice. Its world is memorable, unique, scary and fun with very, very diverse gameplay. Each character brings along something to the table and every time a new game is launched the world is completely different.

You might notice that I am referring to the game as if it already released but that’s because it has already so many features! It is still in early access but one can choose about 10 playable characters and build a great amount of structures, which produce many goods. It is an all-around experience and it has grown much since I played it for the first time about 8 months ago. Many new features are visible right from the start and I can only imagine how fulfilling and engulfing Don’t Starve Together would be when it reaches its final form.

Find your crew and fight for survival until death sets you apart. Or the hounds tear you into tiny little pieces.

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