Bring the Desert Thunder

by Neco | Aug 14, 2015 | DESERT THUNDER! | Release Version: 1.0

Oil up the gears, adjust the mighty cannon, pounce the enemy from great distance with even greater force. When your thirst for blood and destruction hits its peak roll in to the world of Desert Thunder and assume command of a mighty tank. So mighty in fact that you, in the role of its commander, are sent on a solo mission against the enemy of the state.

Or the States, more likely. Whatever, because however bad the premise of the game might be it matters little for the gameplay, which is pretty solid. Admittedly, solid is the only word that comes to mind because there is a certain lack of variety, even though the enemy comes in different forms.

At first mostly foot soldiers with AV weaponry, soon the foe brings in the big armored guns. Infantry supported by tanks and later on by aerial cavalry would try to cut your venture short, peppering your mighty vehicle with explosive shells. Good maneuverability and excellent aim help a lot in such hairy situations but one should not underestimate the value of the good surveillance. Scouting the terrain as much as possible and advancing slowly definitely helps the matters because the enemy is waiting for you. It is extremely easy to get yourself surrounded and destroyed in mere seconds.

Hills are your friends.

Hills are your friends.

Many of the encounters in Desert Thunder can be made easier by taking some long distance shots, thinning out the enemy lines significantly before the main assault. Gaining an advantageous position would allow you to scout the area, gunning down enemy tanks or infantry even before they can return fire.

Brainbox Games, the studio behind this project, could have put more a little bit more brain to the game, though. Fair enough, Desert Thunder is full of shooting and explosions but that’s about it. There is little else to engage the player. Destroying buildings and making boulders become rabble with a single shot is entertainment but only that much.

Kill, maim, burn!

Kill, maim, burn!

This being said, the graphics are rather solid, the laws of physics are applied decently, there is a scaling challenge but one cannot escape the feeling that things are rather repetitive and somewhat meaningless. Depending on the approach, many foes can be slain even without them firing a round and the only motivation behind your in-game actions is rather vague and not overly captivating. There is no greater good to fight for, nor one single face to put to the enemy so that hatred and aggression could be channeled.

Overall, it could pass for an OK game but for a very specific niche: the BOOM-ing niche.

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