Into the Deathtrap

by Neco | Oct 23, 2015 | Deathtrap | Release Version: 1.0.0

A game I have been revisiting quite often since it was released early in 2015, Deathtrap takes a wonderful twist on the tower defense genre. Traditionally developed for web browsers, the genre is acquiring yet more fans.

Certainly, NeocoreGames have made one of the greatest innovations in the field by introducing a very strong action element to their game, sparkling it with large doses of RPG mechanics. I saw something similar first a few years back when playing the classic Kingdom Rush where some towers spawn defenders who, led by a mighty warrior or sorcerer, cull the incoming monsters.

Deathtrap has taken this idea to a brand new level, transmuting it into a different gameplay altogether. With three different champions to choose from, the player can deploy very different tactics in the field of battle. One can opt for a strong warrior, powerful yet fragile wizard, or a cunning ranger who has stealth and really cool looks.

The Marksman is quite versatile - he can deal tons of damage, tank, and heal himself.

The Marksman is quite versatile – he can deal tons of damage, tank, and heal himself.

Unlike other tower defense games though, here the champion is really powerful. Of course, deploying the right turrets in the right places is absolutely crucial but covering the map properly and utilizing the full potential of the available skills and spells could turn out to be even more so. Equipping the right gear and boosting certain aspects of the chosen hero would help immensely in stopping the incoming hordes, numerous as they are.

It is great to see how this heavily strategy-oriented genre can accommodate so much action of the highest order. You will find yourself running around like mad, trying to figure out how to stop the waves of monstrosities. Anticipating their moves and using the teleporting points helps a lot but the intense action should not stop you from upgrading the turrets.

Here is another catch Deathtrap has to offer – you can upgrade only those turrets in close proximity to the hero, who is the focal point of the defense. The champion is the one to carry the game to successful conclusion and the one to organize the defenses. Did I mention that map coverage is important?

Each level ends with a powerful boss. Stopping him takes significant effort.

Each level ends with a powerful boss. Stopping him takes significant effort.

With the risk to become like a broken record, Deathtrap puts yet another innovation on the table. The game has a co-op mode, which allows you to test your strategy like never before. It increases the fun by quite some margin but if you have no friends (to play with, that is…) the single-player campaign has a few modes and levels of difficulty to keep things very, very challenging.

The strong RPG element in Deathtrap is not exhausted with the possibility to build up your character by upgrading certain skills. You can also craft items and spells, conjure potions, buy and sell items, make quests while repelling the attackers; it is the full package.

NeocoreGames have created a truly beautiful game, with fantastic setting, good music and sound, and nothing short of splendid gameplay.

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