Fight Darkness with Darkness

by Neco | Dec 4, 2015 | Darkest Dungeon | Early Access Version: Inhuman Bondage

Note: This article is over 12 months old, covering a game that was in development and the game may or may not have changed since this article was published.

Monsters are within everywhere! In the armory, the guild hall, the ward! Even in the abbey and the tavern… even though there they kind of fit.

The Inhuman Bondage patch brings disturbing creatures in the hamlet of the Darkest Dungeon!

Created by the twisted mind of a Kickstarter backer, the Abomination is a unique new class full of dark secrets and madness. Seemingly human, he has a wicked ailment, which awakens a dark being within, transforming him into an ungodly creature of terrifying might. Weaved from the stuff of nightmares, the Abomination looks more fit to dwell in the dungeons under the mansion instead of striding alongside the adventurers who are trying to purge them from all evil.

What really differs the Abomination from any other class in Darkest Dungeon is the fact that he has two separate sets of abilities, which are unlocked from the get-go. All other characters start with 4 skills upon hiring, while the Abomination is able to use all his attacks. As human, he can transform into his darker self, attack with a chain, spit blight on two enemies, or heal. The chain is quite powerful because it deals some reasonable damage while stunning the struck foe, while the heal reduces stress as well, making it the only skill so far to affect both health and stress levels.

Welcome to darkness!

Welcome to dying!

In his bestial form the Abomination is simply unstoppable. In my campaign on level 1, with some camp buffs, he struck a boss for 97 damage; well over a third of the total hit points the poor Necromancer had. ‘Nuff said.

To mitigate the overall might of the Abomination Red Hook Studios – or maybe it was their backers all along – introduce some interesting interactions. For starters, religious characters like Crusaders and Vestals, would not travel with the wicked creature. Secondly, every time he unleashes the beast all party members suffer stress penalty. Furthermore, while in beast form he induces a lot of stress to the rest of the party when struck. Luckily, he is not struck all that much because his attacks decimate the enemies with scary ease.

So far I have raised two Abominations, one is level 3, the other level 2. Playing with them is definitely tons of fun and opens up new strategies. Hands down, both feel extremely strong, especially after landing a trinket which reduces the stress they cause. Naturally, the other trinket I give them boosts damage and makes them killing machines. I expect their damage output to be tuned down a bit or the stress they cause slightly increased.

In human form the Abomination also is very capable of dealing damage and control.

In human form the Abomination is very capable of dealing damage and control.

Mind, this is not the only novelty the Inhuman Bondage introduced. There are a couple of new adversaries – the Collector and the Madman – also created by supporters of the game, as well as the possibility to be surprised by reinforcements. Before this patch it was quite possible to chain-stun the single remaining foe in order to heal the party up. Some stress for lingering was the only penalty but in many cases it was totally worth it.

Should you try the same tactic now the stress will jump but the singular foe would also shout for help. Suddenly, you will find yourself in a brand new battle against numerous adversaries. This addition to the game definitely enlivens the pace and makes the encounters much quicker. It makes you think of the fastest way possible to slay the enemy party and move on.

With just over a month remaining until the official release, Darkest Dungeon takes another turn in the right direction. Holding the torch burning bright, it leads the way deeper and deeper in the realms of madness and facinorous visions.

I can barely wait to see the Darkest Dungeon itself!

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