Are you the Gods champion, or their curse? You decide!

by Jay | Aug 6, 2015 | Champion of the Gods

With Champion of the Gods, the indie studio aptly named Choice of Game invites you into the wonderful and mysterious world of Agossa, a world filled with intrigue and… well, choice! It is a place where your actions will shape your character and how your story unfolds.

Champion of the Gods is a rather unusual entry in today’s library of games as it is a text based game which boasts a staggering 217k word multiple choice story by Jonathan Valuckas. And as I am not a big fan of books, and this being a game with no graphics nor any music or sound effects I quite frankly did not expect to get so sucked into the lore and that invested in the future of Agossa as I did.

You start as the child of an important figure in a village that I imagine to be a small-to-medium sized settlement of some wealth, with a fairly competent leadership and town guard. In this place which you have called home for all of your life, you are immediately thrown into the fray. Right off the bat your choices have both moral and game-altering implications which will determine how you interact throughout the rest of the game.

Your standard choice screen in Champion of the Gods

Your standard choice screen in Champion of the Gods, where your decision will change your character and your story.

After playing about halfway through I took a break to grab some chow and watch some TV only to find myself thinking about Agossa and an ordeal I had just been through. Without revealing too much, I was taken by surprise by a deceptive opponent. It looked like I was about to lose until I got some unexpected help. A little earlier some of my actions, which I thought to be just not received well cost me a friendship.

However, while your choices do affect what is in your immediate vicinity and to some extent the world, your choices are unable to affect the main storyline too much. At least during the beginning and the middle of the game as you are subtly nudged into the “right” direction, if you try to stray too far from the intended path. In my second playthrough I decided to go another route on more than one occasion but was unable to do so until the very end, when alternate endings that were quite different to my first playthrough revealed. This felt like a big bonus for sure.

The story is interesting enough, and there are choices you can make early on that will alter enough interactions later on to make additional playthroughs worth a try. The game also has a host of achievements that you can’t get in one go, so if you’re a completionist there is some meat for you there.

If you are a player who enjoys a good story then Champion of the Gods is a great game for you. Its amazing story drew me in from the very beginning and managed to escalate and keep my interest all throughout my journey across Agossa. It was somewhat predictable at points but managed to throw me in for a loop on more than one occasion. Well worth a try.

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