Carpe Diem – A Kinetic Novel

by Neco | Dec 1, 2015 | Carpe Diem | Release Version: 1.0

With some 10 minutes in hand, you could easily enrich the upcoming moments of your day with the cute little kinetic novel Carpe Diem. Written and animated by Eyzi, Carpe Diem is a fun experiment, which would not leave you indifferent. Give it a try.

It is very short and it is free. Yet, after playing through a couple of times you might find enough stimulus to show your appreciation toward the author, by saying an encouraging word or donating, helping him make the right choice and dedicate himself to his craft even more ūüôā

Many and more things can be recorded and reproduced, digitally or genetically nowadays. Videos, 3D simulations, fully blown virtual reality, plus the growing ability to manipulate life itself through genetic engineering can make us forget that every day of our own lives has an end and that whatever happens to us today will never repeat itself.

Even though the number of choices is limited, the story of the game is weaved beautifully.

Even though the number of choices is limited, the story of the game is weaved beautifully.

Mostly anything we give our attention to ‚Äď news, books, live concerts and conferences, debates, sports, movies, games ‚Äď can and is recorded, filmed or photographed, and can be reproduces in one form or another. This overwhelming sense of fluidity, of endless continuation could make us lose our real sense of time. The stream of replayeble data has the potential to dilute our perception of the fact that life, in all its mesmerizing variety of beautiful shapes, is finite.

When it happens this is a very sad occurrence, for it is this very sense, this silent knowledge about its true nature that gives time meaning. Realizing how precious every day is, how uniquely significant are every second, every decision and every action, this is when life truly happens. Living through these moments totally aware is when we are fully immersed into life, letting it flow through us, filling our eyes with sparks and focusing our entire beings into unforgettable memories.

Carpe Diem.

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