Hunt for Cards in Spooky, Scary Places

by Neco | Nov 2, 2015 | Card Hunter | Release Version: 3.85

Card Hunter is inspired by the best – Dungeons and Dragons – and carries the torch of this great legacy into the gloomiest, most hazardous corners of the realm, spreading light and exacting rightful punishment upon the many creeps, who dare leave their lairs. Well, if they were to stay in the mighty adventurers assembled under your banner would come knocking the gates off the hinges. The Dungeon Master can boost their chances only that much. Still, better don’t underestimate his influence and do not irritate him overly much.

Should you manage to collect the right party and gear them up sufficiently, with a speck of luck you should be able to negotiate the dungeons ahead without much of a hassle. Relatively speaking, that is, because Card Hunter boasts a very big campaign with nicely scaling difficulty. More gear opens up more strategies but the opposition is always adequate to the strength of your party. That’s why leveling up a new character could prove to be a tricky endeavor and a time-consuming one at that.

Gearing up is important but also a relatively easy undertaking.

Gearing up is important but also a relatively easy undertaking.

Speaking of time, this is the only thing one needs to invest in this indie game. Otherwise, it is entirely free to play, with some pay-to-look-cool possibilities and the opportunity to buy chests, which might drop some nice gear. The latter doesn’t really affect the gameplay, though, and new players would feel comfortable confronting wallet warriors.

That’s right, Card Hunter can and should be played online for maximum entertainment and real challenge. It has very good match-making system and considerable player-base so anyone with a few hours in the bag could give it a go without feeling inadequately under-equipped.

Everything in the game Blue Manchu developed feels well-balanced. So much so that many players admit they bought some cool character skins and whatnot just to express their gratitude and support toward the developers for creating such an awesome experience.

Experience, which is based heavily on DnD and really manages to transfer the pen-and-paper classic to the digital world. One of the few drawbacks is the limited pool of characters and races to pick from but this might be fixed in the future. Currently, the player controls a party of three: fighter, wizard, and cleric who could be elves, humans, or dwarfs. These sturdy adventurers embark on a series of quests through lands distant and close, slaying monsters, liberating villages, and thwarting dark schemes for world domination.

Each dungeon is a tactical map on which the heroes and their opponents have to settle their differences in a turn-based slaughter. Every character has 5 ability cards to use per round and could potentially use them all before the round ends. When the new round starts 3 cards are drawn from the character’s pool and become ready to use immediately. Not all cards are attacks, heals, or spells because the adventurers need to move around and block incoming blows.

Reading the map and moving properly is essential.

Reading the map and moving properly is essential.

Navigating through the map is a tactical skill, which has to be developed and honed quickly because very soon the enemies will become extremely mobile. Combined with ranged attacks their maneuverability has to be countered or else…

The cards in Card Hunter are acquired directly through the gear your team has: every piece of equipment brings along a certain number of cards. Depending on the type of item and the class carrying it the cards are offensive or defensive, melee or spell abilities. In this regard the game resembles he Guild of Dungeoneering, only that the heroes are equipped before entering the dungeon, which reduces the randomness considerably, leaving you much less exposed to the whimsical nature of RNGeesus.

Card Hunter is very light and pleasant game, with numerous tactical possibilities and virtually countless variations when played online.

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