Seven Bullets for one’s valentine

Seven Bullets is a captivating text-based game developed by Cloud Buchholz, which will put you through a great criminal story. Intrigue and betrayal, shady dealings and constant danger, brutal enemies and shifting allegiances weave the fabric of this [...] read more

Chomp chomp through veggies and Chompies

Developed by the interesting studio Utopian world of Sandwiches, this little game would definitely teach you to eat more vegetables! Also many other Chompies because how big could one grow eating only salad? Chompy Chomp Chomp is an entertaining [...] read more


Eerily beautiful, mysterious and enchanting are the first words which were left spinning in my mind after the first couple of hours spent playing Transistor. Created by the amazing Supergiant Games, Transistor is the second proof that this indie [...] read more


In 2014 Supergiant Games published one of the games of the year and certainly one of the most complete and engulfing gaming experiences developed by an independent studio. For those who have played Bastion this comes as no surprise, [...] read more

Stop the Incoming Forces with pure rage!

Regardless of its age, a good game is always easily recognizable. Incoming Forces by the no-longer-existent Rage Software was released more than 10 years ago but still offers a pretty solid experience. Indeed, the graphics might strike as [...] read more

Hearthstone – win with style

Constructed play is the most popular mode of play in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. It is the default mode, so to speak, because one can start with it right off the bat. Unlike the Arena games for which [...] read more

Gentlemen, let’s shovel ’em up theirs!

If you have an old Nintendo joystick lying about, now is the time to find a way to plug it into your computer. Even if it has only like 4 buttons, they would suffice for one immaculate journey with the Shovel Knight, [...] read more

Storm the battlefields of the Entertaining Maelstrom

Blizzard Entertainment already made the most successful video trading card game to day but the competition in the field was somewhat meager. Now the company ventures in the world of MOBA’s, where the titans League of Legends and DOTA [...] read more

E-Sports in the inn

What started off a few years ago as a small side-project quickly became arguably the most successful game Blizzard Entertainment have produced. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft was developed by 5 programmers (as opposed to over 100 working on other [...] read more

Are the stars made of gold?

Shaping up relatively slowly, the Starship Corporation is a game of great potential. Even though it is a solo-project still in alpha phase, the game is diverse and multifaceted. If you like strategy games with some serious micromanagement [...] read more