5 O’Clock Ampu-Tea?

by Neco | Sep 7, 2015 | Ampu-tea | Release Version: 1.1

Get ready for some insane experience while trying to keep calm to make some bloody tea. Controlling a prosthetic-robotic arm is anything but easy in the game of skill Ampu-Tea: A Rage of a Time. It deploys some crazy physics and according to the creators of the game SparklingGames it is quite deliberately made to be tough and hard to control.

When I launched the game at first I thought that my mouse does not respond very well and that’s the main reason why I am failing so miserably to even put the cup in the right place. After a couple of attempts on a different computer with a brand new mouse I realized that it is the level of difficulty that is quite high. Maybe a bit unrealistically so but then I talked a friend into playing the game.

Seeing his struggles and boiling rage of helplessness soothed my bruised ego quite a lot.

I have to admit, Ampu-Tea could be fun to play, but it seems to be more suitable as a prank-gift. Watching someone else’s failures would be much more rewarding and relaxing experience than trying to make tea yourself. The latter is almost inevitably bound to generate some amount of frustration.

Controls are rather simple. In theory.

Controls are rather simple. In theory.

Still, if you are up for a tough challenge, here is how the game goes:

There is a mechanical arm that you can control with the mouse and move it up and down or left and right with the greatest precision imaginable. Keep in mind that the arm gains momentum so a sudden movement in one direction could result in unwanted damage.

The goal is to select a proper tea mug, place it under the hot-water machine, put a teabag inside the mug, add some sugar, and pour hot water. In reality all these actions, including making the water boil, would take less than 10 minutes. In-game it could be hours before the tea is actually served.

It is extremely easy to knock things off and break them. Indeed, there are a few mugs to pick but the shelf they are on is precariously positioned on the edge of the table, making it prime target for a short but devastating fall to the ground. Luckily, Ampu-Tea does reward some mindless damage with achievements. Destroying things is useful to vent some of the frustration off, but it would result in restarting the level.

Not that it matters much, since brewing a single mug of tea is not bound to happen anyway.

Hold your breath and steady your hand or else...

Hold your breath and steady your hand or else…

This definitely is one of the most masochistic games I have seen, with the level of difficulty motivating you to try again and again up to a point. Nicely drawn and with quite dramatic music, Ampu-Tea is an interesting experiment, which would make you down significant amounts of tea in order to soothe your nerves to a working state again.

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