About Us

The characters who play Out Of Game all the time due to total lack of imagination and role-playing skills are a couple of blokes, who share a common passion.

A passion, which subjugates all their free time to search and destroy enemies in numerous battlefields, windy dungeons, and insurmountable maps.

One of them plays hard and shoots quickly, only as an ex-army sniper rifleman can. His analytical mind, honed through years of coding, is perfectly capable to tackle any strategic conundrum, but his quick fingers become restless and twitch with bloodthirsty convulsions, trying to find something to gun down. The bane of countless zombies and survivor of chaotic apocalypses, Jay is the mastermind behind this project.

Years ago he found Neco, a gamer of great skill and armed with a pen sharper than any sword and a knack for writing. Over the years they started various game-related projects and after some serious gaming and research in the market Jay lifted the veil of indie games and Neco was amazed to see the brave new worlds of small studios with immense talent and great concepts but little funding.

Nothing else was needed and Jay’s idea to create a platform where such projects can achieve greater reach and publicity had its first fan.